NTT DATA Leaders

Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President
Toshi Fujiwara

Toshi Fujiwara is senior executive vice president and representative director of NTT DATA Corporation, a leading global IT services provider headquartered in Tokyo. NTT DATA specializes in consulting, system development and business IT outsourcing with over 133,000 employees in more than 53 countries worldwide.

Mr. Fujiwara is responsible for Corporate Management, which includes business strategy, human resources (CHRO), finance and investor relations (CFO), ESG promotion, legal, risk management (CRO), and public relations. He is also responsible for Technology Management, which includes technology development and research (CTO), purchasing, quality assurance, information management and intellectual property (CKO), information security (CISO), and IT systems. Prior to his current position, Mr. Fujiwara led NTT DATA operations in North America and EMEA & LATAM, and also oversaw Global Marketing functions.

With a proven executive leadership track record of more than 30 years of experience in the information technology industry, Toshi Fujiwara's previous positions include leading the Financial Business Segment, the Information Strategy Office as well as the Business Strategy Office of NTT DATA Japan.

In past years, Mr. Fujiwara managed and delivered large-scale systems development projects for Japanese financial institutions. Notable projects include the Bank of Japan Network, which transfers funds and settles the Japanese government bond between the bank and financial institutions, dealing with $1.5 trillion USDs per day, and a core-banking system for a Japanese postal bank, which accommodates 120 million accounts (Japan's population is about 126 million), and serves 24,000 branches across Japan. The first decade of his career he was a researcher of artificial intelligence. Toshi Fujiwara holds a master's degree in business administration and a master's degree in engineering from Cornell University, as well as a degree in applied physics from Tokyo University.

Mr. Fujiwara is the author of "Sustainnovation". "Sustainnovation" is a term coined by him that combines sustainability and innovation. Including SDGs, the movement to develop a sustainable society, environment and economy is widespread. Many are likely to have a static impression of the word sustainability, but the concept keeps changing with time and innovation always supports achieving sustainability. He defined "sustainnovation" as innovation to develop a sustainable society based on the idea that sustainability and innovation are key drivers to make society more prosperous. He introduces the latest cases of “Sustainnovation” across the world and shares his insight into how we contribute to a sustainable society through business in the book.