Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan(FY2019~FY2021)

Our new mid-term management plan covers the three critical years in achieving the Global 3rd Stage around 2025. We will be pursuing “profitable growth with consistent belief and courage to change.”

In our consistent belief to achieve the goals, we will contribute to attain SDGs and constantly increase our corporate value through value creation based on long-term relationships with clients to “shape the future society with our clients.”
This is in line with our corporate philosophy, which is “to help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.”

As for the courage to change, we will further accelerate digital transformation and enhance our global synergy to maximize value for our clients.
In order to do so, we will implement three strategies: Strategy 1 to create strength as one global company; Strategy 2 to deliver greater value based on regional needs; and Strategy 3 to enhance the strengths of the organization and employees.

Strategy1:Expand global digital offerings

Strategy 1 is a strategy for thoroughly enhancing our capabilities as one global company. In other word, for creating tools and improving ways to compete.
Specifically, we will accelerate global industry, global account programs, etc. by global one team structure, promote sharing and usage of digital success stories, and advance global marketing.
Last year, we set up Digital Strategy Office (DSO) to promote creation of offerings in the digital focus areas globally in order to advance our digital business.
We will also globalize R&D, expand Center of Excellence (CoE) we have been promoting in the previous mid-term management plan, and promote sharing and usage of digital technologies and expertise.
With these efforts, we will enable ourselves to compete by demonstrating global and digital strengths.

Strategy2: Deliver greater value to clients based on regional needs

Strategy 2 is a strategy for creating greater value we deliver to our clients based on regional needs.
Although our strengths and business situations differ by region, we have defined a common value offering model called “4D Value Cycle”. We will keep running this cycle based on our long-term relationships with our clients in order to enhance our value offerings.

Strategy3:Unleash our employee’s potential that maximize organizational strengths

Strategy 3 is a strategy to unleash our employee’s potential that maximize organizational strengths based on the Company’s common values (Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork).
Specifically, we will be unleashing employees’ potential through enhancement of their digital and global capabilities. We will also ensure our workplace will improve career satisfaction of each employee.
In digitizing our work environment, we will introduce state-of-the-art mechanism to globally share expertise and know how in order to promote collaboration. We will also continue to enhance our production technologies to further improve our productivity.
Also, in order to enhance our governance process, we will advance project management, which was also one of our challenges in the previous mid-term management plan.


First of all, we will collaborate closely with NTT laboratories to leverage global solution-based R&D as well as R&D in next-generation science to deliver advanced solutions and services.
As a collaboration in each region, we will further expand our total services combining infrastructure and security services, in which NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security have advantages.
We will also drive collaboration utilizing economy of scale, such as driving reduced costs through NTT Global Procurement Organization.

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