Internet of Things


Why Internet of Things Matters

Internet of Things (IoT) is the first step toward digitalization. According to one report, the IoT market is expected to grow to one trillion dollars by 2025.
The growth of this field and opportunities it will generate are huge. Opportunities to develop your business derive from how you will face IoT field and combine it with other Digital Focus Areas to make unique solutions.

NTT DATA and Internet of Things

NTT DATA is accelerating investment in various areas to provide you with the latest and best solutions in the IoT field.
Furthermore, NTT DATA can provide optimal IoT solutions by combining solutions and services with its business knowledge and other DFAs.

Wake Up 2 – Accelerating Digital
We're delighted to share our “Wake Up 2” video series, a sequel to our original Wake Up series that envisions how the exponential technologies will transform the world. Watch Adam take on a key role in his company to drive digital with the help of his AI interface, Entity.

Click here for the next story of WAKE UP 2 series. (YouTube)

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