Intelligent Automation


Why Intelligent Automation Matters

Conventional virtual assistants and automated processes have been designed to reduce costs by replacing humans with machines.
However, today's CA (certification authority) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) have evolved into tools that improve user experiences through their high-speed and high-reliability services. Intelligent Automation provides systems that run on a 24/7 basis, never tiring out and hardly ever making errors. The key issue is to what extent we should use these tools.

NTT DATA and Intelligent Automation

Being fluent in both IT and business, NTT DATA leverages AI and Intelligent Automation to accelerate business automation. We are aiming for automation in all IT processes from data centers to end users and from the cloud to applications. NTT DATA will leverage every available advanced technology to apply the benefits of Intelligent Automation to every one of your business processes.

Wake Up 2 – Accelerating Digital
We're delighted to share our “Wake Up 2” video series, a sequel to our original Wake Up series that envisions how the exponential technologies will transform the world. Watch Adam take on a key role in his company to drive digital with the help of his AI interface, Entity.

Click here for the next story of WAKE UP 2 series. (YouTube)

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