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Technology is rapidly changing the way we do things at work, at home and everywhere in between. At NTT DATA, we believe there are five key business drivers that motivate a company to embrace digitization. And, we’ve identified six categories of technology – digital focus areas – that are essential to address your most pressing challenges and to accelerate your digital journey.


Digital Drivers

Drivers implementing digitalization


Automate & optimize business processes

The introduction of new digital technologies makes possible the integration and streamlining of enterprise processes.
Companies handicapped with non-digitized, -integrated processes lack business agility and market responsiveness.
Automating & optimizing processes is imperative to achieving business agility.


Integrate supplier, partner, and customer ecosystems

Customers want a quick and seamless digital experience.
However, most companies cannot meet customers’ expectations due to a lack of connectedness across the supply and demand chains of their business.
Therefore, integrating and automating enterprise processes is essential for customer attraction & retention.


Reinvent the customer or employee experience

Increasingly, customers are expecting unique experiences when purchasing a product or service.
Differentiation now extends beyond product and service features and functions.
Therefore, companies must elevate the perception of brand to encompass experiences that aid in the building of long-term loyalty and advocacy.


Provide new digital products and services

Digital products & services drive market differentiation through new forms of delivered value to customers.
They are delivered through software which means that the time and costs associated with adding new features or bringing new offerings to market is significantly reduced.
So, digital productization is vital to market competitiveness.


Create new, disruptive business models

NTT DATA’s DFAs represent technologies that are prompting significant changes in how companies innovate, operate, and serve customers.
They are forcing companies to rethink how they do business.
Innovation in business models represents disruption that may lead to new forms of revenue & profit production.

DIGITAL DRIVERS are supported by all kinds of technologies. NTT DATA established the advanced technology areas for implementing digitalization as "DIGITAL FOCUS AREAS."

Digital Focus Areas (DFAs)

Advanced technology areas supporting digitalization


Data & Intelligence

The techniques and technologies used to create measurable business value from data, information, and knowledge.
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Intelligent Automation

The execution of automated business processes using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science to make “intelligent” decisions & drive better outcomes.
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Customer Experience

The customer’s perception and assessment of their interaction and experience with a company.
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Internet of Things

The connection of and communication between everyday physical devices via the internet.
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IT Optimization

The ability of information systems and data to: rapidly respond to marketplace dynamics; meet the strategic needs of the business; and balance costs and risks.
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The methods and capabilities used to prevent, defend and protect information systems and data from damage, unauthorized use, modification, or exploitation.
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