Why Cybersecurity Matters

According to one estimate, the total cost of cybersecurity infringement in 2021 will reach six trillion dollars, doubling 2015’s figure. Cybersecurity attacks not only risk your reputation, but could also inflict severe damage. With the recent growing impact of such risks, new regulations such as the EU’s GDPR are emerging. Substantial fines on companies that do not take proper security measures will soon become a reality, so every organization needs to take security measures that suit it best.

NTT DATA and Cybersecurity

NTT DATA emphasizes cybersecurity countermeasures such as risk management, security upgrades, and compliance programs when promoting digitalization to our clients. Our services can support both upstream and downstream activities and encompass strategy consulting, security measure implementation, and technical consulting.
Through our long-standing endeavors in research and development, we have accumulated technical expertise that will help to secure your enterprise against cybersecurity risks. NTT DATA can provide a wide range of services that extend beyond our own capabilities, thanks to the comprehensive service portfolio of the NTT group.

Wake Up 2 – Accelerating Digital
We're delighted to share our “Wake Up 2” video series, a sequel to our original Wake Up series that envisions how the exponential technologies will transform the world. Watch Adam take on a key role in his company to drive digital with the help of his AI interface, Entity.

Click here for the next story of WAKE UP 2 series. (YouTube)

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