Customer Experience


Why Customer Experience Matters

Digitalization is accelerating with increased expectations from the market and our customers, and is materializing through the evolution of technologies and operating models.
The business of a handful of global giants is forcing reform in every industry, and companies that earnestly tackle and succeed in reforming and improving their customer experiences stand to reap tremendous rewards. In contrast, companies that neglect to make such efforts will face the risk of failure.

NTT DATA and Customer Experience

NTT DATA will help you to reform conventional face-to-face services into total customer experiences using various channels including the web, mobile applications, optimized call centers, virtual agents, voice assistants, and connected devices.

NTT DATA Design Network

In recent years, the importance of “Service Design” that emphasizes user experience has been rapidly increasing in Business Creation.
NTT DATA launched the NTT DATA Design Network, a global network of service design specialists, in which they share a common vision to help customers enhance the values of their products and services by offering services tailored to cultures of each country.
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Wake Up 2 – Accelerating Digital

We're delighted to share our “Wake Up 2” video series, a sequel to our original Wake Up series that envisions how the exponential technologies will transform the world. Watch Adam take on a key role in his company to drive digital with the help of his AI interface, Entity.

Click here for the next story of WAKE UP 2 series. (YouTube)

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